Pretty fabric+Pandora+the right tools=Mama’s happy place!

I’ve been in Fabric Land this week, which is one of my favorite places to be! I’ve got a couple of projects going on right now. I just finished this one up tonight, which is a kit for my mom to sew up. She asked for my help picking fabrics for her neighbor’s upcoming grandbaby. Baby’s parents are are young and hip (Mommy is a clothing designer for Gap – the pressure’s on, gulp!) and are going with a coral theme. You just KNOW that I had lots of ideas! I gave Mom several to choose from, and this is what we ended up with:

Rag quilt fabric, baby girl, handmade by Rural*ish

So. Gorgeous! I love how it clearly reads “coral” but is not over the top with it. It’s also hip and trendy, in an understated classic way. The chevron print brings in some modern funk and geometric pop to the softer florals.

We decided to go with a creamy muslin for the back. We talked about a coral back but Mom liked the idea of keeping it light, and so do I. You might say, “cream, for a baby blanket?”! But my quilts are meant to be used & really do get softer and softer the more you wash them so why not!

Rag quilt fabric, baby girl, handmade by Rural*ish

Way back in the day, my mom turned me on to chenille rag quilts, and we’ve each sewn a ton of those over the years. When I saw my little niece’s rag quilt in this “new” style about 8 years ago, my mom was the first one I told, I just couldn’t believe how COOL it was! I am really not a seamstress (seriously, what’s a pattern?), so Mom and I talked through it and she helped me figure out how to do it. At the time though, we thought we had to use flannel to get the raggy look, so for many years that’s how I made them for my friends. But, let’s face it, there are not as many fun and modern fabric options with flannel! I do see more and more fun flannels coming out, but at the time it felt pretty limited. So when I discovered that I could use cotton quilting fabric and still get that raggy look, a whole new world opened up, and I was hooked!

Rag quilt fabric, baby girl, handmade by Rural*ish

I offered to sew the quilt up for Mom, but she really wants to do it herself. There is just something about handmade gifts that are so special, and these neighbors mean the world to her so it really had to come from her. So, I decided I would make her up a rag quilt kit. This was my original idea for my Etsy shop, and something that I will likely add into my shop as I get up and running. For people who know how to sew (even beginners!), rag quilt kits are a great place to start because the boring, tedious parts are already done and you can jump straight to the fun part -sewing!

See? Doesn’t ironing look tedious? Rag quilt fabric, baby girl, handmade by Rural*ish

But the pias were napping, the windows were open on a beautiful sunny day, and I was listening “Mom music” on Pandora (probably¬†Gregory Alan Isakov, which I could listen to allll day, much to PIA’s chagrin, haha) – so I’m in my happy place here!

It was a productive naptime. I got the front fabrics ironed and cut up. You know, with my skinny Old School metal ruler (which is actually a step up from the wooden yard stick that I’ve been using for years).Rag quilt fabric, baby girl, handmade by Rural*ish

That was so yesterday.

Rag quilt fabric, baby girl, handmade by Rural*ish

Today, I bought THIS (a treat for myself for making my first sales!), and my life is changed FOREVER.

Cutting a Rural*ish rag quilt

Where have you been all my life, Omnigrid? Oh yah, that’s right. I was afraid that I couldn’t figure out how to use you. Thank goodness for YouTube!

And here it is, a kit for Mom:

I loved the fabrics so much, I decided to make a rag quilt for my shop, too. I’ll be calling this one “Canyon Lake” because that’s where I’m hoping to see this new little baby all wrapped up in my mom’s rag quilt!

Happy Friday, everyone!







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