Yummy chocolate covered apple pops, and I ask myself, “Am I THAT mom?”

How to make chocolate covered apple pops

These chocolate covered apple pops were so fun to make, made a big statement (more on that later…), and were sooo yum!!

I pinned these pops from RosaRot that have been circulating on Pinterest (such pretty pictures!), hoping I would have an excuse to make them. Then big pia started preschool – my big boy! And…I realized that I had to bring treats for his birthday. I guess I could’ve picked up cookies or cupcakes, or made them, but noooo – darn you, Pinterest! My mind immediately jumped to my “Kiddos” board and all the cool options I had pinned. Chocolate covered Oreo pops? Teddy bear race cars? Or, since September’s theme at school is apples…how about chocolate covered apples!

Problem was, RosaRot’s post is in German. So, one day during the pias’ nap time, I experimented with the dipping chocolate. I struggled with this a bit at first. First I tried using dipping chocolate that I got from Jo-Ann’s. It tasted pretty OK, but it was a little thick, then I think I microwaved it too long, or got water in it or something, because after a few apples it clumped up. I couldn’t yell at the chocolate because the pias were napping. I didn’t want to waste time driving all the way back to Jo-Ann’s for more chocolate. So, it was back to Pinterest to find a recipe. I ended up using this one from Our Best Bites, and it worked great. I used Ghiradelli 60% Cacao chocolate chips because it’s our absolute favorite and I buy like 10 bags whenever it’s on sale. It was perfect.

Here’s how I did it…

First, I sliced and cored the apples. Next I stuck the candy sticks in (I found mine at Jo-Ann’s but I also saw the same exact ones at Safeway). Then, it was on to dipping:

Chocolate Apple Pops

You may need to play with the temperature a little to get the right consistency. If the chocolate is too hot, it will be too thin and slide right off. If it’s too cold, then it will be kind of sticky and not coat the apple smoothly. Once you have the consistency you like, lay your apple down on a tray covered with wax paper and sprinkle it while it’s still hot. Big pia got to pick out his sprinkles, which had fun stuff like dinosaurs and cars.

How to make chocolate covered apple pops

Once they’re all dipped, put your tray in the fridge for awhile to set up. While mine were cooling, I decorated these little candy bags with stickers. (again, I got these at Jo-Ann’s and also saw them at Safeway). I found that these bags were a bit small so I will go bigger next time.

Chocolate Apple Pop Packaging

To display them, I put a piece of floral foam in a cute little cardboard basket I found in the Dollar Spot at Target. I topped it with some ribbon I had on hand, and Voila! PIA said they looked professional!

Chocolate Apple Pop Packaging

And big pia loved them, too. What a fun way to show up to preschool for your birthday!

How to make chocolate apple pops

Which leads me to my question, “Am I THAT mom?”! Because when I showed up at school with these things, the teachers and the moms went bezerk! “Wow, Jenna, thanks for showing us up!” “Ohhhh, so you’re THAT MOM – there’s always one in the class!”. And then, in a scene I still relive in slow motion, I said (I kid you not), “Well I didn’t want to be Lame Mom”, hopefully not alienating everyone around me in one fell swoop. Ugh. All teasing and in good fun, but I left there sweating and heart racing, thinking, “Did I do too much?”! I’m brand spankin’ new to this school thing so I’m figuring it out as I go. This week’s birthday mom brought popcicles, which I think is genius in its simplicity!

What about you, what kind of treats do you bring for your kid’s school events?

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4 thoughts on “Yummy chocolate covered apple pops, and I ask myself, “Am I THAT mom?”

  1. Jenna,
    Your chocolate apple-pops look wonderful. Next time, maybe, take it up a notch and try to get used to being That Mom! I don’t think you can be anything else.


  2. Hello!! A fine place you have here :-) And those apple pops look lovely! As for being that mom, I say run with it! Your son obviously thought it was fabulous and that’s all that counts. I have a great bunch of mums in my daughter’s class and they know I’m big on food and baking so it’s accepted. So, THAT mum, keep doing what you do :-)


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